Progressive Education Society's

Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce Library

Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005

New Arrival
Hon. Principal
Dr. R.S. Zunjarrao

Library and education share an inseparable bond where one cannot exist without the other. Even in era of digital world, college library shall remain as a primary learning resource and a ‘higher end support’. Our well furnished library with huge collection of educational resources offers information and teaching resources for an array of knowledge seekers. I hereby wish happy reading to all the stake holders looking at the library for answers the their quests.

Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC)

Online Public Access Catalogue on PC for staff & students is provided for better use of library collection. Trained staff is also there to help students to locate required book(s).

Online Information Literary Programme(OILP)

The aim of this Information Literacy Programme is to make new/entry level students familiar with the library resources, facilities & services which will make maximum use of the library. This is an online programme so that new comers can login with their username and password from any location and 247. This programme will educate students to access print and e-resources of library effectively and efficiently .